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Our Chairman, Mr. A.Govindan, floated the company Mysore Thermo Electric Industries in the year 1969 under the A.G. Group. Mysore Thermo Electric Private Limited started manufacturing Microporous PVC Battery Separators with the brand name 'MICROTEX' and GLASPOL Tubular Bags.

The A.G Group floated a new company in the name of Accumulator Fabrics & Tubular bags manufacturing company exclusively to manufacture the PVC Separators & PT Bags, as Mysore Thermo Electric Private Limited diversified to manufacture lead acid industrial batteries and started exporting to USSR(Russia) with the brand name CELTEK from the year 1979.

In the year 1989, The A.G. Group further floated a new company in the name of Celtek Batteries Private Limited to manufacture lead acid batteries under the brand 'CELTEK'. Celtek Batteries Private Limited is one of the leading lead acid storage battery manufacturer's in India with a wide product range for Auto mobiles, Motor Cycles, Electric Forklifts, Railway Signaling, Electrification, Train Lighting & Locomotives, Telecommunications, Electricity Sub- Stations, Solar Power Stations, Wireless Transmission Systems & Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS).

Our Products

Automobile Batteries

Celtek Low Maintenance Automobile Batteries find applications for cranking of various vehicles of two wheelers and four wheelers.

Special features include:

  • The very low Antimony content in the grid alloy ensures low gassing.
  • Water loss is minimum and hence maintenance is minimum.
  • Excellent reserve capacity and lasts longer.
  • Performs well in all weather conditions.
  • Corrosion is negligible.
  • Increase in shelf life.

Traction Batteries

CELTEK Traction Batteries includes applications such as electrically powered vehicles like forklift trucks, tow trucks, power trolleys, lifting platforms and other industrial traction applications.

CELTEK Traction batteries are made up of a number of traction cells of 2 volts each to suit the operational demands of particular applications. The cells are assembled in high-grade plastic container which is housed in a mild-steel tank, coated with an anti-acid-resistant and an anti-corrosive paint. The cells are connected with welded joints made of lead alloy with an anti-corrosive coating. The splash-proof vent plugs fitted to the cells prevent the spilling of the electrolyte.

UPS Batteries

CELTEK UPS batteries also known as an uninterrupted power supply battery is designed with high quality material and chemicals for economy, reliability and to perform for longer periods without and hindrance.

Celtek Tubular Inverter Batteries are at a C10 rated capacity. These batteries are manufactured in PPCP containers with tubular positives and pasted negative plates.

Special features include:

  • Low maintenance.
  • Micro porous ceramic vent plug.
  • Scientifically designed Tubular Positive plates.
  • Longer life span of 5-6 years even during continuous charge-discharge cycles.
  • Topping-up freq. will be once in 12 months.
Download Tech Specs. Click HERE

Railway Batteries

The Indian Railways are our major customers. We manufacture low maintenance lead acid tubular batteries with high quality standards and as per RDSO (Lucknow) and IS specifications.

The various applications our batteries have are in Train lighting application in sleeper and general coaches, AC application in AC coaches & Chair Cars, Diesel Loco cranking in motive power, Electric Loco’s, Electrical Multiple Units (EMU’s), Traction applications for material handling, Substations, and Signaling and Telecommunication equipment’s. Download Tech Specs. Click HERE

The AG Group

Team member

A Govindan


Mr. A. Govindan, a first generation entrepreneur promoted the company. Mr. A. Govindan is the Group Chairman of The A.G.Group.
Mr. A. Govindan pioneered the manufacture and usage of PVC separators, when the industry was using the inefficient and technically outdated wooden/rubber separators.
Mr. Govindan has to his credit several patents and inventions, and is highly regarded in the battery industry. The PVC separators were manufactured with the brand name Microtex. In recognition of his contributions, he has received various awards including the prestigious Udyog Patra award from the President of India.

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